Sunday, 2 August 2009


Its like I just fell from the tree one day and found myself in the most amazing playground on earth. First thing I did was walk all over it, checked it out and basically savored every last blade of green grass I could find. Now what I did find was eighteen tiny holes with the same amount of colored flags poking out of them, how bizarre, why is this I thought. Next thing I find is a small white ball with a number on it, it was the number one, my favorite. So now Im starting to get the idea, not that im the smartest, kinda didn't really gain a whole lot from school. Actually, if I think about it, Id say school gained more from me, in that they're never gonna forget a whacked out South African who generally has more fun than most.

Well thats what its all about ay?

So then it struck me, lets just have some fun.

So what fun can one dude have with 18 holes and a little white ball?

So I started throwing this little ball around this playground in an attempt to land the ball as close to and in the hole as possible. It was fun at first, only mainly due to the fact I thought I had discovered something that nobody else was surely doing. Well I soon became well and truely bored, as I sometimes do when I have fully exhausted a subjects potential. But I couldn't just leave such an amazingly beautiful and challenging landscape as this without actually being fully challenged by it.

So I decided to climb back into the damn tree and have a painful thinking session, not something I make a habit of by the way!

I much prefer to simply react on my god given instincts.



I was back on the ground again, the tree had decided to spare me a branch and throw me back into the playground.

Smart tree that, it was time to really play, this time I had a bat!

What else could I do but start smashing this little white ball around this wicked playground in an effort to get the ball in the hole in as few amount of hits as possible.

And man was it fun!

I loved it from the moment I landed, my future was set, I made a quick decision to play for as long as it takes for me to lose interest, break the branch or lose the ball. Well Ive been playing this silly game for about 9 years now and I can't stop, I just don't want to stop hitting this little white ball with as much power as I can muster.

I can really hit some great looking golf shots now and still Im forever trying new shots and inventing new means of controlling the flight of my golf ball. I can do almost anything with this white ball and stick, its literally talking to me as if I had it on a piece of string or something.

Im loving it man, come join my party.

PEACEout DazZLebazZLe.

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